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July 1, 2024

This is my first post in almost three years, since I quit posting in frustration. I realized that there was almost no hope, which I still believe, but I have to do something, whether futile or not. And given what has been happening recently and what just happened, I can no longer remain quiet.

Today, at 10:30 A.M., we received the news that American democracy has been run over by a train and is lying in intensive care in a coma. The most corrupt “Supreme” (read, “Kangaroo”) Court in the history of our country, a court which is fully owned and controlled by right-wing billionaires, did their bidding and the bidding of the cult leader these billionaires have installed and ran over the American experiment with a freight train.

Starting tomorrow I will run a series of posts explaining what has been happening, what is happening, who is responsible, who the good guys are, and the only thing left that we can do that has any hope of waking the patient from her coma.

Or maybe I should just hibernate again. I don’t know, I’m just a puzzled puppy


It’s been a long time. My next post will address that issue. For now…       

In 2016 I published a short eBook warning of the extreme, existential threat posed by the candidacy of Donald Trump. Below are a few excerpts:

“As a Pathological Narcissist Donald Trump Is the Mushroom Cloud Candidate

“If you burn this book, read this chapter before you do…

“When asked by Chris Matthews and others how he could possibly consider using nuclear weapons in the Middle East and even in Europe, Trump replied several times with the same question: “Then why do we make them?”

“I’m sorry, but that answer alone disqualifies him from even a candidacy for President.

“Our only hope, the only hope for the world, is diplomacy, peace, and the mass destruction of all weapons of mass destruction.

“Every President since we created these abominations has worked to rid the world of them. Hillary has worked hard on this incredibly difficult issue with some success. Donald Trump doesn’t seem particularly poised to continue the work…

 “It is indescribably wrong that any human being should have uninterrupted access to a duffle bag which he or she has the absolute power to use to annihilate every living creature on the planet. 

“But imagine a narcissistic psychopath with this power. Imagine a man who admires another narcissistic psychopath with an equivalent nuclear arsenal who inevitably will, mutual admiration aside, challenge his alpha dog status.

“Imagine a man who can not brook criticism or challenge, who must win EVERY contest, who holds the position that more countries need nuclear weapons, who can imagine a scenario in which he would use nuclear weapons in Europe, who admires not only Putin but Mussolini and Saddam Hussein, who has shown arguably criminal instability through the primary and now general election campaigns, being followed by an aid who is bound by law and “honor” to hand the most dangerous person we have ever considered for President this bag at his whim.

“…Hillary said it best: “A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man you can trust with nuclear weapons.”

“If there is no other reason to put everything else aside and get out and vote, this is infinitely more than enough.”

“The Doomsday Clock currently reads three minutes to midnight. Under a President Trump, there is a terrifyingly dangerous chance that it will toll.”

Now, I’m not going to call myself Nostradamus, but I think, while Trump was still a candidate for President, I hit the nail on the head.

In a new book by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, unavoidably entitled Peril, the authors paint a vivid picture of Mark Milley and others communicating and acting on a number of occasions in perhaps unprecedented ways to protect the world against not only random conventional war, but even potential nuclear holocaust.

The book makes it clear that many of the best and brightest in our military and government were frightened to death that we might be on the brink of a nuclear war. In fact, at one point Milley convened one of the most terrifying national security (read, world security) meetings in American history in which he laid out his protocols for a nuclear strike. The constitutionality of his orders are in question, but the need for them was without question. After laying out the orders he individually confronted every person in the room and asked each of them, to their face, “Got it?”

Their reply was not simply expected; it was demanded: “Yes, sir.”

Woodward and Costa write, “Milley considered it an oath.”

At the time, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Milley agreed with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi that Trump was “crazy.”

In light of these revelations, a September 16 panel assembled on Deadline: White House with Nicolle Wallace which included retired General Barry McCaffrey discussed the current protocols for authorizing a nuclear strike. All agreed that Trump had been (and still is) completely out of control. They discussed the danger that he had posed while he was President and would pose were he to be reelected. Especially given the character of some of the current Republican wannabes, they also considered the possibility that in the future another psychopath could be elected President. They were unanimous in their conclusion that the nuclear launch protocols need to be reexamined.

General McCaffrey expressed his belief that, particularly in light of what we have seen from Trump, no President should have the absolute power, perhaps except in extreme cases, to order a nuclear strike.

“Nuclear weapons are a horrific tool, and they need to be more carefully controlled,” he stated.

This puppy would posit that a good first step in controlling the rogue use of nuclear weapons by a U.S. President might be to elect one who is not a criminally insane, pathologically narcissistic psychopath.

Or maybe not. Maybe we should just burn the world down. I don’t know. I’m just a puzzled puppy.


In the not-too-distant past, people like Tucker Carlson, Lindsey Graham, Ron Johnson, and the Republican party in general were in the habit of using disingenuous rhetoric to cover their prevarications. They assumed that there wasn’t a critical mass of their audience stupid enough to swallow their lies straight up.

These days, they just open their mouths and vomit, because they know that their supporters will bend over and lick up whatever splashes onto the floor.

It took me a long time to actually accept this. I thought that there simply couldn’t be that many stupid people in the world. But the other day, the Boss was talking to someone we both know very well, an educated, intelligent individual who, in simpler times, was perceived as relatively sane and sensible.

After the conversation the Boss hung up the phone and just sat back in the chair shaking his head. Since the phone had been on speaker, I had heard the conversation. My muzzle was on the floor between my front paws.

“That’s the last time,” he said. “I can’t do it anymore. It’s just gotten worse and worse. It’s like he’s living on another planet. No. More than that – another dimension, where all the laws of space and time and nature and physics and reality are different. We’re both using English words, but his dictionary doesn’t match any of the ones on my shelf.”

“He says he’s entitled to his own opinion, but I told him not to his own facts. But he can’t see the difference anymore.”

“Where does he get his information?” I asked.

“He said he doesn’t watch Fox. He said he reads The Atlantic and the New York Times and so on. Of course he doesn’t. Last I knew, none of the publications he listed were associated with the Brothers Grimm. He even lies about where he gets his information.”

I understood what the Boss was saying. Once you accept the Big Lie and cast your lot with the Father of Lies, you’re all in. You don’t think anymore. You just open your mouth and vomit. You don’t notice the mess on the floor and it doesn’t smell bad to you. You don’t even see it or pay attention to it. You just keep saying what you think will work for you for the current nanosecond.

So I have finally come to the following depressing conclusion:

The civil war that is raging in this country right now isn’t about points of view or competing ideas. It’s about objective truth. It’s about reality. This war is metaphysical. It’s epistemological. And it’s existential. And we may have lost it already.

I don’t know. I’m just a puzzled puppy.


Recently, without naming names, President Biden referred to Greg Abbott, Tate Reeves, and other depraved and despicable Republicans as “Neanderthals.” On behalf of the Neanderthals, I object.

One can imagine a band of Neanderthals arguing or even fighting with another band over territory or resources. One can even imaging members of the same clan arguing or fighting over petty grievances or pecking orders within their own band.

What one would have trouble imagining is a band living in an area where food is available through hunting and gathering in sufficient quantities to feed all, but at the end of each day one member of the clan gorges himself on most of the food, sharing a few meaty bones with a handful of the most powerful men in the tribe while most of the others sit watching, wide-eyed with hunger, while the privileged eat. After the meal, instead of sharing what is left, the primate plutocrat hoards for himself what he has not eaten, putting aside a few bones to pay off his enforcers.

This italicized paragraph is a pitch perfect metaphor for the current political scheme that defines the agenda of the Republican party at all levels of our government, particularly the federal.

Exhibit One, enough to open and close this case beyond any reasonable doubt: The recent debate over the Covid relief package soon to be signed into law.

The following are the things the Democrats want for their fellow Americans but which the Republicans, in lock step, oppose:       

  • Assistance for people now unemployed through no fault of their own.
  • Aid to states and municipalities for essential services provided by police, firefighters, nurses, doctors, and so on, services which have been put at severe risk due to the pandemic.
  • Funds to help schools reopen safely.
  • Food for men, women, and children.
  • Places for people to live so that they will not become literally homeless, living in cars, in abandoned buildings, or on street corners.
  • After the Republicans previously strong-armed Congress into providing hundreds of billions of dollars of tax relief for the richest and least taxed among us, now, finally, the Democrats are legislating more reasonable tax credits for the low income families of America.
  • Help for parents who need but can’t afford child care services.
  • Help for people who can’t afford health care in the time of a pandemic.
  • Assistance for small businesses which are going bankrupt at record rates.
  • Funds to test, trace, and vaccinate our population before another 500,000 of our fellow Americans die.
  • Help for hospitals.
  • Cutting child poverty in half

For some reason, the Republicans aren’t interested in any of this.

Food for starving people? Nah.

Health care for sick people? Nah.

Giving doctors and nurses and hospitals the tools they need to defeat the pandemic? Nah.

Getting our children safely back to school? Nah.

Cutting child poverty in half? Nah.

This little puppy has seen some pretty bad things in the world out there, but somehow this particular poop pile seems almost impossible to believe, to accept. I am stunned by the greed, the selfishness, the heedlessness, and the cruelty. I have come to the only conclusion possible. These people just don’t give a shit.

The Republicans just want to take this and any other good things the Democrats try to do away from them so that President Biden and his party don’t succeed. It is the same thing that they were laser focused on during the Obama administration. In the meantime, the country they have pledged to preserve and defend and all of its people be damned.

For example, economists are now predicting, due to the Covid relief package, vaccine rollouts, etc., extremely strong economic growth for 2021. The Republicans do not want to see this. This alone explains much of their opposition to the bill. Once again McConnell and his co-conspirators are actively working to make America fail and to cause its people to suffer in order to prevent Democrats from getting any credit for anything.

It’s as simple as that. Believe what you see. If what’s stopping traffic in the road is an animal with a hard shell, a wrinkled neck, and an ugly head and it looks like a turtle, it’s a turtle. (And maybe its name is Mitch.)

Today, now, the feculent greed of the Republicans and their gluttonous donors is what controls every aspect of the federal government that cannot be clawed back for the people by the Democrats, most of whom are mindful of and on board with the oaths that they have taken.

There is no equivalency between the two parties anymore. One stands for decency, democracy, compassion, and the rule of law while the other actively promotes cruelty, authoritarianism, and greed.

We must live at the ballot box and in the ranks of the resistance for as long as it takes to create a nation that actively demonstrates a commitment to justice for all.

Or maybe we should just feed the greed. I don’t know. I’m just a puzzled puppy.


Though I would need volumes to discuss thoroughly the impeachment debacle of last week, I feel compelled to share a few of my preliminary impressions of the most recent blow Trump and the Republicans have struck to American democracy.

First of all, the “trial” was, I believe, the coup de grâce to the barely breathing, last vestiges of hope for the existence of anything but corruption and rot in the Republican party. The Republicans could muster only one vote to convict Trump the last time he committed a set of obviously impeachable acts wrapped around the plethora of other crimes he had committed as president. This time, with American democracy on the line, they were able to muster all of seven votes out of fifty. Fourteen percent ain’t bad.

The case for the defense consisted essentially of the following:

  • The jurisdictional defense:  Remember, Trump was impeached while he was in office, and McConnell forced the breaking of the clear Constitutional mandate of starting the trial immediately. He essentially forced the trial to begin after Trump’s term was over. Historically, there are multiple precedents for impeachments to occur after the offender leaves office, in part because the process can be used to disqualify the offender from holding future office. Most Constitutional scholars agree with Ted Cruz, who said, “I believe the best reading of the Constitution is that the Senate retains jurisdiction.” He just didn’t want this prerogative to be used in cases where senators from Texas are in the midst of dewy dreams of running for president. In the end the Senate voted to use their plenary power. Case closed.
  • The Trump was not afforded due process defense: Ridiculous. An overwhelming number of serious scholars, both Conservative and Liberal, have opined in rejection of these arguments which they watched unfolding before their sober and critical eyes. Few serious scholars held for the affirmative. Even more tellingly, ten Republican House members voted with all of the Democrats, and seven senators voted with two independents and all of the Democrats in what must logically have been support of the legal legitimacy of the process. In the end, a significant, bipartisan majority of both houses soundly rejected these disingenuous distractions.
  • The whataboutism defense:  What about the things various Democrats have said in the past? First of all, they never lied for years in the ultimate service of an insurrection. Secondly, their supporters did not attack the United States Capitol and kill five people. In fact, most of the serious crimes committed during the Black Lives Matter protests were committed by anarchists or white supremacists (i.e., Trump supporters). Check with Christopher Wray if you don’t trust this puppy. And if we want to do whataboutism, what about the dozens of people shot and killed by Trump-supporting white supremacists over the past year and for years previously? We know that most crimes of domestic terrorism are committed by members of far-right fringe groups, almost all of whom are supporters of Trump and his Republican enablers. Further, the BLM protests involved millions of people all around the world and were done in the name of justice, a word the Republicans do not understand. (Republican Senator Bill Hagerty of Tennessee recently accused Pete Buttigieg, the new Secretary of Transportation, of the heinous crime of planning “…to use the department for social, racial, and environmental justice causes.” I must admit that I wasn’t aware that “Attempted Equity” was a crime.) The BLM protests were not about a deluge of lies designed to effect the overthrow of American Democracy, but rather about racial justice, a concept not abhorrent to Democrats. Finally, if specific things Democrats said or did were impeachable offenses, impeach them! If they have lied over and over and over again for months and then fomented an insurrection against our democracy, impeach them! If their supporters smashed up the United States Capitol and tried to zip tie Nancy Pelosi and assassinate her while hanging Mike Pence, impeach them! If their supporters built a functional gallows on Capitol property, impeach them! If their supporters violently broke into the seat of our government and injured dozens of its defenders while killing five, impeach them! If their supporters rifled through official files and documents and tore Congressional offices apart, impeach them! If their supporters appeared at an insurrection wearing buffalo horns, well…try not to laugh at them. Just ‘lock them up” with all due deliberation.
  • The First Amendment protects free speech defense: Right. It does. But try threatening someone or calling, “Fire” in a crowded theatre where there is no fire. In other words, try telling a lie which creates public chaos. We’ll see you in court.

In the end, as one commentator opined, fifty-seven senators voted on the record that Donald John Trump was guilty of inciting insurrection against his own government.

Even Mitch McConnell stated, on the floor of the Senate, that “There’s no question, none, that President Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day. No question about it.”

He said that the insurrectionists “did this because they had been fed wild falsehoods by the most powerful man on earth – because he was angry he’d lost an election.”

McConnell also said, “The people who stormed this building believed they were acting on the wishes and instructions of their president. And having that belief was a foreseeable consequence of the growing crescendo of false statements, conspiracy theories, and reckless hyperbole which the defeated president kept shouting into the largest megaphone on planet Earth.”

The entirety of the first half of his speech is worth reading. It is articulate and on point.

The second half amounted to an appeal to his donors and his potential voters, especially Independents, in his most critical opening move in the chess game that will determine who will be Senate majority leader in January of 2023. In the meantime, he must retain his power as minority leader, and he calculates that this will help. The question is whether his calculations considered the quiet, Machiavellian scheme to overthrow him currently being launched by Lindsey “No Room In Here For Food” Graham.

With respect to the proceedings themselves, the Republicans serially insinuated that this was a real trial, subject to all of the most arcane conventions of criminal law. They corruptly affected ignorance of the fact that this was an impeachment. They treated the proceeding as though it were bound by the rules and procedures of a standard criminal trial, which premise made much of what they argued completely irrelevant.

Amazingly, while asserting that the standards of a criminal trial must be assiduously adhered to at all times, the “jurors” repeatedly met with the defense team to plan strategy.

With respect to style and decorum, there were a number of breaches of order, such as the senior senator from Utah shouting from the floor his pained, indignant grievance that someone had lied about him. Irony is dead.

Not only did the defense lawyers, particularly Michael van der Veen, display arguably pathological anger in support of their clinically psychotic client, pounding fingers or fists on the lectern heavily enough to break a bone or the lectern itself, as well as gesticulating in a wild-eyed and aggressive manner, once or twice even doing some kind of enigmatic and perhaps cabalistic or occult dance,  but they also ignored any sense of the decorum of the Senate. They called more names and used more derisive qualifiers and nicknames than a puppy writing a blog.

To be clear, in one of the most august settings in the country, they were flat-out rude.

What struck me even more powerfully was that Trump’s defense team, consisting of a few lawyers and even more Republican senators, was breathtakingly, embarrassingly ignorant of both the content, structure, and purpose of the proceedings and the language in which they were held. The assumption going in was that the proceedings were to be held in English. SPOILER ALERT: It didn’t turn out that way.

The defense team itself, dubbed by one observer “Meandering and Furious,” quickly became “Meandering and Furious and Furiouser.”

Throughout, they morphed back and forth between “Meandering and Furious and Furiouser” and “Dumb and Dumber and Dumberer.”

Their defense was short but pointless. They used only a fraction of their allotted time, proffering the imbecilic excuse that they were keeping it short because the senators (this would include the Republicans) were chafing at the bit to end the proceedings and get after Covid relief. This may have been true for the Democrats. I suppose fifty percent ain’t bad.

To elucidate their false equivalency with respect to the above-referenced whataboutism argument, and after having repeatedly accused the Managers of obscuring context by doing such things as, for example, not playing tortuously long excerpts of Trump’s speech, they played a surrealistic, embarrassingly-irrelevant montage of human beings using the word “fight,” which must now be stricken (cancelled?) from the dictionary. Their “Fight Club Documentary” included such current or former United States presidents as Johnny Depp and Madonna.

They also used the impeccably rational “they hate him” defense. More than almost anything else, this puzzled me into a state of extreme befuddlement accompanied by pounding headaches. Did Eliot Ness “hate” Al Capone? Did the prosecutors from the Southern District of New York “hate” Bernie Madoff? Did the Republican House Impeachment Managers “hate” Bill Clinton? (I must concede that the Nuremberg judges had a rather sweet relationship with Hermann Göring.)

They also let slip from the sides of their mouths the word “hypocrisy” a number of times. As I said above, irony is dead.

With respect to their command of the King’s English, Sheridan’s Mrs. Malaprop or any number of the maladroit characters of Charles Dickens would have understood them perfectly.

Perhaps a more appropriate appellation for the team might have been, Mapaprop, Maladroit, and Maladjusted.

One of Trump’s lawyers said that the dishonest Managers had “picked and choosed” their evidence.

They repeatedly mispronounced the names of members of Congress and others, including, more than once, the name of the vice president of the United States of America, who, I would suspect they are aware, is a black woman. No offense intended, I’m sure.

I must applaud their patriotic efforts to “vinicate the Constitution,” which we all agree has aged like a fine wine.

The Managers’ case was described as malvent, perhaps indicating a blocked air duct or the origins of a nagging cough, either of which could have influenced the veracity and/or quality of the Managers’ presentation, and as incinderary, a clever reference to a relevant folk tale about an individual suffering similar slings and arrows.

Striking, even dispiriting, was a reference to the devastation wrought by the Liberals’ “Fight Club,” resulting in businesses being ramshackeled. A completely unjust accusation! After all, it was the friends of the president who brought zip ties.

All present were further shocked to learn that many of the sources used by the prosecution were anominous, by which I took them to mean having been named by unavowed parents.

In calling his home town “Phileedelphia” and his country the “Yoo-nited States of America,” Mr. van der Veen clearly demonstrated his extreme patriotism, in contrast to the attitudes of the prosecutors, who were engaged in a “manacle crusade” of injustice. (He couldn’t stop deflecting about the zip ties.)

In short, the defense clearly established, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the House Managers were following a “dark path of animity and division.”

I was moved by these terrifying scenarios of the felonious exploits of the  prosecutors turned defendants, but somewhat relieved to conclude that at least their animity wasn’t anominous.

Toward the end one of Trump’s lawyers summed up much of my point here when he said, “I’m not too adept at it neither.” Truer words was never spoke.

Post-impeachment remarks weren’t much brighter, highlighted by folks such as Ron Johnson, one rung on the evolutionary ladder below the Buffalo Man. His comments about how the rioters weren’t sufficiently armed to make the proceedings technically an insurrection were interesting and will perhaps trigger a debate as to what quality and quantity of weaponry would be sufficient to trigger the “We’re Really Here To Hurt You” clause of the Constitution. Clearly, the senior senator from Wisconsin is nature’s way of frightening humans into rushing out to get an education before they get caught sounding as stupid as he does.

Now, these examples of embarrassing ignorance are humorous. But the fact that the former Republican president of the United States of America had to use these morons to defend him in an impeachment trial is tragic for all of us. At least McConnell was compelled to slather some shame on the floor of the Senate. A few other Republicans expressed the same sentiments in one context or another. But all who did are now dead meat. They are retiring, stand censured, will be censured, or will be primaried by a member of the cabal of spiteful losers.

This is why one of my ongoing themes has been and will continue to be that the decent people of America must use their power to speak out peacefully and vote consistently in order to burn the Republican party to the ground. It has proven itself to be unworthy of having a voice in American democracy.

Or maybe not. Maybe our new creed should be this: “We here highly resolve that these dead shall have died in vain – that this banana republic, under Greed, shall have a new death of freedom – and that government of the corrupt, by the self-serving, for the autocrats, shall not cherish the earth.”  I don’t know. I’m just a puzzled puppy.


A belated thank you to all who helped us do the second most important thing that needed to be done at the ballot box.

The first was to get rid of the walking nightmare, the evil, incompetent, lying, corrupt, unimaginably destructive Donald Trump, by far the worst and most deleterious President in the history of our country.

The second thing, which we did on January 5th,  was to get rid of Moscow Mitch, the K Street Bitch, the worst Senate majority leader in the history of our country, a corrupt, scheming cheater who has completely destroyed the Senate as a deliberative body. (It used to be called the “world’s greatest deliberative body.” That phrase, under McConnell’s leadership, has become a cruel joke.)

“The Grim Reaper,” as he calls himself, serially refused even to consider legislation which would appropriate funds or in other ways help struggling Americans. He did, however, manage to focus on the things that would help his donors and Russian investors and thus his own political future.

In the past four years at least, McConnell has done only two things:

  1. He passed the biggest tax cut in American history, the majority of which went to the top of the income and wealth charts – that is, to the obscenely greedy. The money that went into their pockets did not and will not “trickle down.” They used their corruptly unjust allocation not for R&D or productive investments, but rather merely to line their already bulging pockets and to feed their insatiable greed. What little was left after they snatched most of it was divided among the middle class and the economically vulnerable. The Grim Reaper’s legislation blew an unprecedented hole in our budget, making funds for Covid relief and other necessary federal expenditures much more difficult to find.
  2. He gave lifetime appointments to a horde of young, unqualified or underqualified radical, right-wing judges who will tilt the judiciary radically to the right for decades. After refusing even to consider Merrick Garland in 2016 because the nomination was “too close to the election” (eleven months out), he rammed through Amy Coney Barrett during early voting in 2020, beginning the process before Ruth Bader Ginsburg had even been buried. We now have a 6-3 radical right Supreme Court which is so politicized that every future decision it makes will be looked at with suspicion, particularly in light of the fact that another of McConnell’s appointments is a man credibly accused of attempted rape and public exposure, a known blackout drunk possessing a blatantly political, constitutionally privileged and abusive, vengeful nature. Good work, Mitch.

Even after losing, McConnell tried a peaceful coup as opposed to the violent one Trump was planning. He tried (using his favorite, subtle, parliamentary maneuver of cheating) to force Chuck Schumer to pledge to give up his rightful power to decide whether or not to call for an end to the filibuster. This would have severely limited Schumer’s options as the majority leader. McConnell, on the other hand, had always clung tightly to his power and even created a few new prerogatives out of whole cloth.

In the end Schumer, forced to eschew deliberation and to resolve the issue using raw power, the new modus operandi of the Senate, prevailed. Now maybe the “world’s greatest deliberative body” can get a few things done for the American people

About time! Or maybe not. Maybe we should continue paying our Senators for spending most of their time either campaigning or simply doing nothing at all. I don’t know. I’m just a puzzled puppy.

I’ve been working full-time on my book, but I will still post when I can. Soon, I hope!





(Maybe they’ll arrange to toss some crumbs just before the election.)

How stupid do they think Georgians are?



  • JANUARY 5                 ELECTION DAY


First of all, thank you for being a part of the successful effort to remove the worst, most corrupt, and most dangerous and destructive President in the history of our country. It is impossible to describe the importance of what we have done. For me, even thinking about the alternative is terrifying to contemplate.

On November 8, 2016, we went into a state of shock. For four years we have watched our worst nightmares unfold as Trump looted, raped, and burned everything and everyone he encountered. For that obscene violation and unfathomable destruction to have continued beggars comprehension.  

For some people, however, the importance of what we have just done may never sink in because they simply don’t have the moral fiber to try to understand. As Tim Miller recently said, such a deliberate abstention from moral apprehension “just betrays a lack of judgement that I’m never going to be able to forgive.”

I’m not sure I will, either, in light of the thousands of human bodies piled on top of the remains of our democracy –  in light of the hegemonic stranglehold the Father of Lies continues to have on our drowning dialectic and our despoiled souls.

For those of you who don’t understand this, look into your heart. Someday, maybe you’ll join us.

Of a list that could take pages, here are just a few examples of what we have done:

  • We have defended democracy.
  • We have protected tens of thousands of American lives.
  • We have ensured the removal of Scott Atlas so that he will cease facilitating Trump’s coast to coast Make America Grieve Again campaign. Let’s be clear: He is assisting Trump in murdering tens of thousands of Americans.
  • We have ensured the removal of one of the most evil human beings in America, Stephen Miller.
  • We have ensured the removal of the most corrupt Attorney General since John Mitchell, William Barr.
  • We have given honesty and the rule of law a chance.
  • We have given truth a chance.
  • We have given decency a chance.
  • We are now committed to compassion rather than cruelty.
  • We have taken the first step in restoring our standing in the world order.
  • We now have a President-elect who is qualified for the job.
  • We now have a President-elect who is committed to the job.
  • We now have a history-making, incredibly well-qualified Vice-President-elect.
  • We now have a decent human being in the White House.
  • We have taken the first step in redeeming the soul of America.
  • We have given the planet and the human race a chance to survive.

What Must Be Done NOW!!!

We have taken the first step. Now we need to flip the Senate by electing Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock. If we don’t do this, Joe Biden will be running a marathon waist deep in mud. Among other catastrophes, the following will happen:

  • Mitch McConnell, the self-proclaimed “Grim Reaper,” will continue to obstruct every decent, moral, and compassionate initiative passed by the House. His priorities will continue to be to pay off his elite, obscenely greedy donors with legislation which benefits them and ignores us and to confirm young, radical, right-wing, often shockingly unqualified judges who will work to consolidate the power of the oligarchs who own him.
  • The lying, treasonous, repugnant hypocrite Lindsey Graham will continue his attempts, in Washington, South Carolina, and even in Georgia, to corrupt the election process, to ignore the rule of law, and to use his power to pursue brazenly political vendettas while ignoring the needs of his constituents. He will not be investigated for criminal election tampering. This pasty-faced little troll will continue to creep from under his bridge to laugh at and spit in the faces of the people who elected him and in the faces of Americans in all fifty states. He will wear his smirk like a badge of honor because he knows the suckers who voted for him will always swallow his con and will never find out how he snickers at them behind their backs. All Americans will suffer for his self-indulgent arrogance and reprehensible hypocrisy.

To the people of Georgia: If you want Senators McConnell and Graham to remain in power and continue to work for their elite donors, vote Republican. If you want people who will ignore you and fight for their own greed, vote for Loeffler and Perdue.

If you want honesty, decency, and respect, vote for Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock on (or, preferably, before) January 5, the day of the election. Early voting begins December 14. If you are going to mail in an absentee vote, check the rules and do so immediately.  Please go to and

Thank you.

Or maybe you should vote for more greed, cruelty, and corruption. (The Make America Grift Again campaign?)  I don’t know. I’m just a puzzled puppy.


First of all, I stand by every fact in the following list, and I invite any reader to fact check any item. My opinions attached thereunto are exactly that – opinions. I plan to deal with each of  these items in detail in my next book.

More importantly, virtually every elected Republican backed up Trump on almost all of these outrageous behaviors and actions. I agree with several of the most prominent Republicans since World War II when they say that it’s time for all of them to go. Please vote!

Why Donald Trump Is an Existential Threat to Us All

  1. Is utterly unqualified and unfit for office – has no experience and few skills; is ignorant, dishonest, and deceiving; has a horrible temperament; is dangerously impulsive, angry, resentful, vindictive, selfish, uncivil, arrogant, and cruel; has a serious deficit of attention and focus; is heedless and uncompassionate; is a classic, cowardly bully; is illiterate about history, geography, and American government as well as foreign affairs; is a non-reader; is spectacularly lazy; is unfocused; is self-serving; is absolutely corrupt. QUESTION: Would you hire me to repair a Boeing 747? Why not? You hired him for a much more complicated and important job. Forgive my vulgarity, but the Boss wouldn’t have hired him to clean his shitter. But Trump says, “Experts are terrible.” He ought to know about terrible. He’s an expert.
  2. While most politicians are embarrassed when they are caught lying, Trump tries to make major news stories out of the rare times he tells the truth.
  3. Consistently ignores our norms and traditions, any semblance of ethical conduct, the constraints of the Constitution, and the rule of law.
  4. Appears, almost undeniably, to prefer autocracy over democracy – doesn’t understand that we are a constitutional republic and a representative democracy.
  5. Calls one of the pillars of our democracy, the free press, “the enemy of the people.” His favorite quote is from Mussolini, but he got this one from Stalin.
  6. Calls Tony Fauci “an idiot.”
  7. Had no science advisor for 19 months.
  8. A massive number of his appointments are unconfirmed. This is one of  his ways of ignoring the separation of powers as clearly outlined in the Constitution.
  9. Has had four chiefs of staff, four national security advisers, and five Homeland Security secretaries.
  10. Has absolutely gutted the State Department and appointed a partisan liar to lead it.
  11. Many trustworthy observers have called him the most lawless President in our history. I agree.
  12. Few decent people would want him around their children.
  13. Has essentially never set a good example for any man, woman, or child in this country or anywhere else in the world.
  14. Said, for example, “When someone attacks me, I always attack back…except a hundred times more.” Apparently his sons are not prodigal. (Laughed at Michelle when she said, “When they go low, we go high.”)
  15. Committed several impeachable offenses, including the one about which the Founding Fathers were most concerned, using (in this case bribing and extorting)  a foreign power to help him politically. (See # 91.)
  16. Is a pathological narcissist. (“I alone can fix it.”)
  17. Displays all of the clinical characteristics of a psychopath.
  18. Appears to this puppy to be criminally insane. Pressthink says about Trump, “There is no genius there, only a damaged human being playing havoc with our lives.”
  19. Has access to the nuclear codes. This should terrify every human being on Earth. (Read the first chapter of my book.)
  20. Has taken actions that may start a new arms race.
  21. Tweeted “when the looting starts, the shooting starts,” a tweet that was flagged by Twitter for “glorifying violence.”
  22. Often glorifies violence against those who don’t support him. Calls for them to be arrested, prosecuted, and imprisoned. Has specifically asked the police to engage in illegal brutality.
  23. Is supported by The Proud Boys, The KKK, and other racist and Neo-Nazi organizations. To steal a phrase, he may not be a racist, but the racists think he is. (Actually, he is.) Or, if he’s not a racist, he’ll do ‘till one gets here.
  24. Asked the Proud Boys to “stand by.”
  25. Sent unbadged federal thugs to violently clear peaceful protesters from Lafayette Square so he could hold a photo op in which he held a Bible upside down in front of a church whose celebrants were insulted by his actions.
  26. Asked for the innocent children referred to as the Central Park Five to be executed. Never backed off, even after they were proven to be innocent. Cannot admit when he is wrong.   
  27. His son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is convinced, as Trump is, that blacks are lazy. When discussing a topic having to do with initiative, Kushner said about blacks, “…he (Trump) can’t want them to be successful more than they want to be successful.” Please read this one again!
  28. Completely mishandled the pandemic response by the federal government, resulting in over 225,00 deaths.
  29. Led a country with about 4.25% of the world’s population to a place where we have averaged about 25% of the world’s deaths. We currently have the most daily new confirmed COVID-19 deaths, even more than China and India, which each have more than four times our population. The clear consensus among experts is that we are undercounting. These facts point to our response as being the worst in the world, even though we have the world’s best medical infrastructure (but an inadequate health care system). We are the ninth worst country in the world in deaths per million, though our population is generally younger and less dense. Most of the countries with more deaths per capita are not places most Americans would choose to live. On the other hand, Cuba, Ethiopia, Venezuela, Greece, the Philippines, Libya, Kazakhstan, El Salvador, Russia, Switzerland, Iraq, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Ukraine, and Denmark, for a few examples, are doing better than we are by this metric. Every country in Europe except Spain is also doing better than we are by the same metric. South Korea, which had its first case the same day we did is doing, per capita, 100 times better than we are. Trump brags about his famous China travel ban, but it may have exacerbated the problem. More importantly, it ignored Europe, the source of most of our infections, until it was too late. After these feeble attempts by Trump, he gave up on anything significant except for actively making things worse. He has been and currently is actively spreading the virus. He has accelerated the outbreak by holding dozens of super spreader events in Washington and around the country with no social distancing and few masks. He has encouraged the breaking of most of his own administration’s guidelines. Yesterday he mocked a reporter for wearing a mask. He has created a cohort of people who will never adhere to guidelines which, if followed, would save thousands of lives. I would need a massive volume to enumerate the ways Trump has made things worse. It’s no stretch for us to call this the Trump Virus. Other than herd immunity (which he calls “herd mentality”), a plan which would probably kill millions, and just like with health care, Trump has no plan. (An extremely comprehensive and intelligent strategy, based on research by multiple administrations, was discarded. At about the same time Trump disbanded the Global Health Security and Biodefense unit. Their mission was to combat outbreaks of infectious disease.)
  30. Inherited the Obama-Biden economy and slowed down its growth slightly before devastating it as a result of his criminally negligent response to the pandemic.
  31. Never took any responsibility for his failure but said that Andrew Cuomo “killed 11,000 people.”
  32. Carl Bernstein calls his response “homicidally negligent.”
  33. His Chief of Staff just said, “We’re not going to control the pandemic.” 
  34. Told a litany of dangerous lies about the pandemic.
  35. Politicized the CDC.
  36. Politicized the FDA.
  37. Vanity Fair reported that his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, said, “Cuomo didn’t pound the phones hard enough to get PPE for his state… His people are going to suffer and that’s their problem.” (My emphasis.) Kushner soon  lost interest in helping blue states because he began to believe that this wouldn’t be politically advantageous for Trump.
  38. Is anti-science. Says science doesn’t know, but he does. One of hundreds of examples: Found the Economic Research Service of the Department of Agriculture inconvenient to his narrative so he gutted it. Check out what this department does (did). You won’t be happy.
  39. Gave far more money to the obscenely wealthy and to himself than to the people who voted for him.
  40. Set a record for increasing the national debt, even before the pandemic.
  41. Slashed the EPA and scores of environmental regulations.
  42. Has said climate change is a “hoax.” Said the same about the pandemic.
  43. During his tenure greenhouse gas emissions, which had been going down for three years, rose significantly.
  44. Got out of the Paris Agreement on climate which, though flawed, is the world’s best hope for sustaining viable human life on the planet.
  45. Announced our withdrawal from the WHO, another flawed but existentially important organization. Fun facts: 1.) In an almost inconceivably prodigious effort, the WHO eliminated smallpox, which was killing thirty to fifty million people a year. 2.) The WHO is close to eliminating polio, and will struggle to finish the job without our help.
  46. Is the most corrupt President in the history of our country. Has used the Presidency as a cash cow. Grossly overcharges for his entourage, including the Secret Service, to book rooms in his hotels, obtain meals, use golf carts, etc. Funnels money to his and his family’s economic enterprises around the world, regardless of the excess money it costs the taxpayers. What he does with Trump International Hotel in D.C. is an outrage and a subject of extremely serious investigations and litigation. It should be. Finally and obviously, Trump has raised nepotism to a whole new level.
  47. Paid a twenty-five million dollar fraud settlement over Trump University.
  48. Had the Trump Foundation dissolved over “a shocking pattern of illegality.”
  49. The Trump Organization itself faces multiple investigations.
  50. Is currently under legal scrutiny in multiple criminal and civil investigations in multiple jurisdictions, including several relating to his inauguration committee as well as multiple Congressional probes.
  51. Has fired almost everyone who seriously opposed him. In addition to being fired, many were also viciously punished in other ways. Marie Yovanovitch and Alexander Vindman (and his brother), for just two examples.
  52. Regularly tampers with witnesses and obstructs justice. (See # 93.)
  53. Has had an enormous and shocking number of members of his campaign and administration resign in disgust, resign amidst egregious scandal, or face prosecution for felonies. “Drain the swamp!”
  54. Has interfered in the prosecutions of these criminals.
  55. Has talked about delaying the election.
  56. Refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power after the election.
  57. Has made multiple, widespread, often successful attempts to suppress the vote of those inclined to support his opponent. This cheating has been a hallmark of the Republican Party for decades. Currently they have removed hundreds of polling places, overwhelmingly in minority neighborhoods which tend to vote for Democrats. The Postal Service has been corrupted to depress mainly Democratic voters. Republicans in California have put out fake, illegal ballot drop off boxes, taking advantage of what they will litigate as an ambiguity in the law. Even a puppy knows that this is simply cheating.
  58. Has thugs on standby to intimidate voters.
  59. Lied repeatedly about the reliability of mail-in voting, which is literally a long-standing, time-tested American institution.
  60. Lied repeatedly about Hunter Biden and falsely accused him and his father of crimes they never committed. Multiple investigations have turned up no evidence. Trump’s source for his accusations is Russian state propaganda.
  61. Repeatedly parrots Russian state propaganda.
  62. Used the Attorney General of the United States to support his political agenda.
  63. Asked the Attorney General to prosecute his political opponent multiple times, even making such requests weeks before the election.
  64. Has lived a vulgar, promiscuous life during which he has demonstrated extreme misogyny and a gross disrespect for women.
  65. Has been a party buddy and an apparent friend of rapist and sex trader Jeffrey Epstein, one of the most evil humans one can possibly imagine. Recently said of Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s procurer (pimp) of female children for abuse, rape, and trafficking, “I wish her well.”
  66. Put children in cages. And NO, people who get their news exclusively from Fox or their crazy uncle, OBAMA DID NOT DO THE SAME. He built some of the cages for legitimate purposes, not for terrorism, abuse, cruelty, and torture. He was, in this puppy’s opinion, too harsh in a number of ways, but to compare what he did to Trump is like comparing a father who shouts at his children to Rodrigo Duterte (someone Trump admires). There are currently 545 children who, years after they were kidnapped and separated from their parents, will probably never see their mothers and fathers again. And this number is a severe undercount, not including those from the largest group of separations. By the way, Trump was warned this would happen, but he didn’t care. He wanted to commit these acts of statutory terror (check the law) against the parents so that others would stop trying to legally seek asylum. Trump broke the law to keep them out, floating pardons for those of his agents who got caught doing any of the illegal things he asked them to do. He began forcing these children into Mexican camps in and from which many of them were and are being abused, raped, and trafficked for sex. And those who entered illegally, often because Trump had closed legal crossings, were just trying to survive. At the debate one of Trump’s lies was that they came with coyotes. No, they came with their parents. They weren’t separated from coyotes, who don’t normally nurse children. (Does Trump understand how stupid his excuses are?) The Physicians for Human Rights called this policy “torture.” The American Academy of Pediatrics called this “government sanctioned child abuse.” Anyone who could support Josef Mengele Trump after this needs to look deeply into his or her soul, if one is there.
  67. Appointed Jeff Sessions, a lifelong racist, to aid and abet him in this abuse.
  68. Appointed the ghoul Steven Miller to cook up these and other cruelties as fast as his twisted mind could turn.
  69. Referred to sanctuary cities as “breeding” places.
  70. Never reads a full daily briefing. Only reads the comic book version a couple of times a week, and ignores whatever is in it that displeases him. Asks for certain vital topics to be avoided because of his anger management problem. This makes him a clear and present threat to our national security.
  71. Has consistently alienated our allies and coddled our adversaries.
  72. Has unwaveringly supported Vladimir Putin, even over our agencies, our interests, and our security.
  73. Opposed, slow walked, or ignored a series of sanctions against Russia.
  74. Has done nothing about Belarus.
  75. Trashed NATO.
  76. Trashed Angela Merkel, Justin Trudeau, Theresa May, and on and on and on. Physically pushed a foreign head of state aside so that he could get into a photo op.
  77. Withdrew troops from Germany, a gift to Putin.
  78. Called Xi Jinping a “brilliant leader” and “a great man.”
  79. Has ignored and even encouraged (!!!) the Chinese oppression of the Uighurs, an indescribable tragedy of brutal genocide.
  80. While coddling China, he and his family have actively pursued economic interests there. (And in other places around the world. A plethora of quid pro quos.)
  81. For a long time failed to speak up on the suppression of Hong Kong’s movement toward democracy.
  82. Has completely ignored China’s harrowing, high tech ( including AI) surveillance, one of the most terrifying tools of repression ever devised.
  83. Pulled CDC observers out of China before the pandemic.
  84. Invited and welcomed Abdel Fatah al-Sissi, Viktor Orban, Jair Bolsonaro, Andrzej Duda, Rodrigo Duterte, and other thugs to the White House. Duterte, a Trump favorite, refused the invitation.
  85. Has fallen in puppy love with Kim Jong-un.
  86. In the meantime, has enabled North Korea to fast track their nuclear program and has spit in the face of South Korea.
  87. In general, he has made us the laughing stock of the world. In many countries that detest Putin, he is nevertheless more popular than Trump.
  88. He got out of the JCPOA with absolutely no plan except risking war with Iran.
  89. Has massively enabled Russian aggression and hegemony.
  90. Has done nothing about Venezuela.
  91. Was impeached for attempting to bribe and extort Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine for illegal and unconstitutional help in the 2020 election.
  92. Clearly and obviously colluded with Russia. However, in large part because he ignored legal Congressional subpoenas and requests for depositions and lied repeatedly, as did those around him, Mueller did not have time to establish any criminal conspiracy or conspiracies. If you are stupid enough to think that he did not collude, read the Mueller report and occasionally the newspaper. Take a break from Trump TV.
  93. Committed multiple counts of obstruction of justice in order to hide his malfeasance. Were he able to be indicted, he would be convicted in any court in America, according to hundreds of formal federal prosecutors who served under both Republican and Democratic administrations.
  94. Now, as opposed to the way he felt – no, talked for most of his life, opposes a woman’s right to sovereignty over her own body. Would prefer that he and his old, overwhelmingly white friends and co-conspirators make one of the most personal, intimate, and difficult decisions of someone else’s life, not knowing or caring who they are or what their situation might be. Having shown a complete lack of sympathy, empathy, caring, or compassion, these devious dotards want to pretend that they care about life. I would suggest that their stances on the border, the pandemic,  health care, a social safety net, and prudent policing render these pretensions preposterous.
  95. Put Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh is a liar. He obviously has an anger management problem. He’s vindictive. He’s whiney. He cried during his confirmation hearing!!! (This was because he couldn’t believe that with all the white, preppy, silver spoon, Ivy League, Georgetown-friendly privilege he brought to the table, there was any question about the confirmation.) Yes, he is very intelligent. Yes, he worked relatively hard. The problem is simple: With all of his lies, misdeeds, alleged crimes, and character flaws, he expected it. He expected it. I know many puppies more intelligent, harder working, and more honest and under control than he is who just hope to pay the bills. They expect nothing. They hope for the best. This is what privilege, white or wealthy, is all about. This is a massive, systemic problem that Trump and the Republicans have chosen and continue to choose not to address. I don’t say the privileged should not have a place at the table. I simply ask for “justice for all.” Mr. Trump and your fellow Republicans, have you seen these words somewhere? Oh, and by the way, Kavanaugh stands more-than-credibly accused of attempted rape. If you didn’t hear all of Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony, you have no right to an opinion on this.
  96. Added Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. The Republicans lied, cheated, and engaged in the most blatant hypocrisy I have ever encountered to steal this seat. Trump and any of the Republicans would cheat their grandmother out of a bowl of Jello. Opinion: Barrett is a sarcastic, cynical, sycophantic, right-wing ideologue who cloaks partisanship in the tarnished, motley garb of “originalism.” She is out of touch with the American people and with the Constitution as the Framers intended it, though she disingenuously claims the opposite. Philosophically, she lives in the 18th century. She sees the Constitution as a stone-chiseled club available to beat Democrats and liberals over the head. She must be William Barr’s sister. Finally, the confirmation process was a breathless, lurid joke. The Supreme Court has little credibility or gravitas left. It needs to be expanded.
  97. As he always does when he believes it will benefit him, Trump broke the agreement with CBS to complete the 60 Minutes interview and to give them exclusive rights to air it.
  98. He and the Republicans are completely out of touch with the majority of American people. Essentially, both Trump and the Republicans work for the obscenely rich and their corporations and enterprises. They work for Wall Street, not Main Street. A few examples:
    1. 65% of Americans support Biden’s climate plan. Trump and the GOP oppose it.
    2. 72% of Americans support a 2 trillion dollar stimulus package. Trump and the GOP have blocked it, but with the election in mind and knowing it wouldn’t pass anyway, Trump recently got squirrely about his opposition.
    3. A majority of voters prefer Biden over Trump and the Republicans on law and order.
    4. By 49% to 43%, more Americans prefer Biden over Trump on selecting Supreme Court justices.
    5. By 55% to 36%, more Americans prefer Biden over Trump on uniting the country.
    6. By large margins more Americans prefer Biden over Trump on the COVID-19 response.
    7. A majority of Americans think climate change is a threat that must be dealt with immediately. The Republicans and Trump have never taken it seriously. For example, since 2016 the Trump administration has removed quarter of all climate change references from government websites.
    8. A majority of Americans support a robust social safety net. The Republicans have a long history of routinely and systematically attempting to weaken it.
    9. A 2016 Republican survey found that “increasing funding for veterans’ mental health services, strengthening and preserving Medicare and Social Security, and reforming the student loan system all scored higher than Trump’s favored subjects of tax cuts, border security, and preserving the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.”
    10. A majority of Americans are not racist.
    11. A majority of Americans support Black Lives Matter
    12. Had I time, I could add many more critical items to this list. The point is that Trump and the Republican party are spectacularly out of touch with the American people. They are the out-of-touch radicals they accuse the progressives of being. At their rallies, instead of shouting, USA!, USA!, USA!, they should be shouting, K Street!, K Street!, K Street!
  99. Because the Republican party has gotten so out of touch with the American people and with the foundations of American Democracy and American values and ideals, droves of former prominent Republicans have voiced their opposition to the party as it currently exists or have, in many cases, even formally left the party. All of these moral heroes utterly oppose Trump. A few examples:
    1. George F. Will
    2. Charlie Sykes
    3. Steve Schmidt
    4. Michael Steele
    5. William Kristol
    6. David Jolly
    7. “Sully” Sullenberger
    8. George Conway
    9. Tom Nichols
    10. Joe Scarborough
    11. Jennifer Ruben
    12. Max Boot
    13. S. E. Cupp
    14. Stuart Stevens
    15. Colin Powell
    16. Meghan McCain
    17. Cindy McCain
    18. Lincoln Chafee
    19. Joe Walsh
    20. John Kasich
    21. Christine Todd Whitman
    22. Rick Wilson
    23. Justin Amash
    24. David Frum
    25. Nicolle Wallace
    26. Rick Tyler
    27. Anthony Scaramucci
    28. Peter Wehner
    29. Ana Navarro
    30. Ray LaHood
    31. William McRaven
    32. Jim Mattis
    33. John Negroponte
    34. Jeff Flake
    35. Charlie Dent
    36. Bill Weld
    37. Mitt Romney, the only Republican Senator who is not a complete coward, voted to remove Trump from office.

100.  Is a damn liar. Barack Obama lied 108 times in eight years. In four years, Trump has lied over 20,000 times. This alone has shredded the moral fabric of America. It is the main reason that true and reliable communication, in all forms and at all public levels, is now nearly if not completely impossible. Even our homes and our schools have been violated. Question to evangelical Christians: Is he the Father of Lies?

101.  None of this is new. I wrote a book about it in 2016. Donald Trump has spent a lifetime bullying, extorting, bribing, employing thugs, benefiting from ties to the American and Russian Mobs, cheating as a way of life, and conning everyone who would listen. He has been described as a “walking crime wave.” He has brought this corruption to the White House. His has injected it into our veins. He has made all of us worse. Including me. Including you.

I could easily double or triple this list but I’m exhausted, and if you’ve read this far you must be also. Take a bow! And if this doesn’t get you to vote, God help us!

Now we must remove Donald Trump and all of his Republican enablers, at all levels, if we are to heal our nearly mortally-wounded nation.


Or maybe not. Maybe we like it in the shitter. Maybe we belong there. I don’t know. I’m just a puzzled puppy.


I left the last post up for a few weeks because I felt it encapsulated a lot. At this point, however, I am compelled to say more, as follows:

Enough. Again, I’ve had it. I’m tired of holding back. I’m tired of bringing a peashooter to a gun fight. So here goes:

The Banana Republicans (The Grotesque Old Party) have a stranglehold on Trump’s Death Cult.

In 2016, the basket of deplorables did not include the many people who were conned by Trump and who genuinely believed that he might bring positive change. They were not immoral, only ignorant, infested with a virus of fatuity that pervades the USA, USA, USA.

If you vote for Trump, you are committing an egregiously immoral act. The “I’m just a nitwit” argument is gone. If you read this, you’ve been told. If you still vote for Trump, you’re not just stupid. You’re immoral. Do I need to say it again?

As for me. I’m not stupid enough to believe that this will convince you. I realize that these words will probably make you double down. After all, you have participated, at least vicariously, in Trump’s Screw the Fools road show and Pence’s Finger to the Fools tour.

So go out and vote for the evil clown, for the blaze orange, proto-fascist buffoon. Because he is going to lose anyway. You are going to lose anyway. Because though America is not even close to as good as she should be, she’s better than that. And better than you.

We are going to restore decency and compassion (we even feel sorry for you), words which are not in your vocabulary or in the vocabulary of your malicious messiah and his Republican sycophants.

On the other hand, maybe it’s all right to abet cruel, corrupt criminals, hypocrites, and grifters who lie, steal, conspire, and commit multiple counts of criminally negligent homicide. Who ignore or flat out support white supremacy, voter intimidation, and kidnapping. Who win many elections because they control a persistent, powerful network of individuals and institutions who cheat as a way of life in every election and in everything they do, including unethically, unscrupulously, and corruptly ramming a right wing radical ideologue onto the Supreme Court so that the Republicans can legislate from the bench policies that most Americans oppose. And maybe it’s O.K. to play Russian roulette not only with your own life but also with the lives of all of the innocent people you encounter. Maybe it’s O.K.

I don’t know. I’m just a puzzled puppy.