A belated thank you to all who helped us do the second most important thing that needed to be done at the ballot box.

The first was to get rid of the walking nightmare, the evil, incompetent, lying, corrupt, unimaginably destructive Donald Trump, by far the worst and most deleterious President in the history of our country.

The second thing, which we did on January 5th,  was to get rid of Moscow Mitch, the K Street Bitch, the worst Senate majority leader in the history of our country, a corrupt, scheming cheater who has completely destroyed the Senate as a deliberative body. (It used to be called the “world’s greatest deliberative body.” That phrase, under McConnell’s leadership, has become a cruel joke.)

“The Grim Reaper,” as he calls himself, serially refused even to consider legislation which would appropriate funds or in other ways help struggling Americans. He did, however, manage to focus on the things that would help his donors and Russian investors and thus his own political future.

In the past four years at least, McConnell has done only two things:

  1. He passed the biggest tax cut in American history, the majority of which went to the top of the income and wealth charts – that is, to the obscenely greedy. The money that went into their pockets did not and will not “trickle down.” They used their corruptly unjust allocation not for R&D or productive investments, but rather merely to line their already bulging pockets and to feed their insatiable greed. What little was left after they snatched most of it was divided among the middle class and the economically vulnerable. The Grim Reaper’s legislation blew an unprecedented hole in our budget, making funds for Covid relief and other necessary federal expenditures much more difficult to find.
  2. He gave lifetime appointments to a horde of young, unqualified or underqualified radical, right-wing judges who will tilt the judiciary radically to the right for decades. After refusing even to consider Merrick Garland in 2016 because the nomination was “too close to the election” (eleven months out), he rammed through Amy Coney Barrett during early voting in 2020, beginning the process before Ruth Bader Ginsburg had even been buried. We now have a 6-3 radical right Supreme Court which is so politicized that every future decision it makes will be looked at with suspicion, particularly in light of the fact that another of McConnell’s appointments is a man credibly accused of attempted rape and public exposure, a known blackout drunk possessing a blatantly political, constitutionally privileged and abusive, vengeful nature. Good work, Mitch.

Even after losing, McConnell tried a peaceful coup as opposed to the violent one Trump was planning. He tried (using his favorite, subtle, parliamentary maneuver of cheating) to force Chuck Schumer to pledge to give up his rightful power to decide whether or not to call for an end to the filibuster. This would have severely limited Schumer’s options as the majority leader. McConnell, on the other hand, had always clung tightly to his power and even created a few new prerogatives out of whole cloth.

In the end Schumer, forced to eschew deliberation and to resolve the issue using raw power, the new modus operandi of the Senate, prevailed. Now maybe the “world’s greatest deliberative body” can get a few things done for the American people

About time! Or maybe not. Maybe we should continue paying our Senators for spending most of their time either campaigning or simply doing nothing at all. I don’t know. I’m just a puzzled puppy.

I’ve been working full-time on my book, but I will still post when I can. Soon, I hope!