It’s been a long time. My next post will address that issue. For now…       

In 2016 I published a short eBook warning of the extreme, existential threat posed by the candidacy of Donald Trump. Below are a few excerpts:

“As a Pathological Narcissist Donald Trump Is the Mushroom Cloud Candidate

“If you burn this book, read this chapter before you do…

“When asked by Chris Matthews and others how he could possibly consider using nuclear weapons in the Middle East and even in Europe, Trump replied several times with the same question: “Then why do we make them?”

“I’m sorry, but that answer alone disqualifies him from even a candidacy for President.

“Our only hope, the only hope for the world, is diplomacy, peace, and the mass destruction of all weapons of mass destruction.

“Every President since we created these abominations has worked to rid the world of them. Hillary has worked hard on this incredibly difficult issue with some success. Donald Trump doesn’t seem particularly poised to continue the work…

 “It is indescribably wrong that any human being should have uninterrupted access to a duffle bag which he or she has the absolute power to use to annihilate every living creature on the planet. 

“But imagine a narcissistic psychopath with this power. Imagine a man who admires another narcissistic psychopath with an equivalent nuclear arsenal who inevitably will, mutual admiration aside, challenge his alpha dog status.

“Imagine a man who can not brook criticism or challenge, who must win EVERY contest, who holds the position that more countries need nuclear weapons, who can imagine a scenario in which he would use nuclear weapons in Europe, who admires not only Putin but Mussolini and Saddam Hussein, who has shown arguably criminal instability through the primary and now general election campaigns, being followed by an aid who is bound by law and “honor” to hand the most dangerous person we have ever considered for President this bag at his whim.

“…Hillary said it best: “A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man you can trust with nuclear weapons.”

“If there is no other reason to put everything else aside and get out and vote, this is infinitely more than enough.”

“The Doomsday Clock currently reads three minutes to midnight. Under a President Trump, there is a terrifyingly dangerous chance that it will toll.”

Now, I’m not going to call myself Nostradamus, but I think, while Trump was still a candidate for President, I hit the nail on the head.

In a new book by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, unavoidably entitled Peril, the authors paint a vivid picture of Mark Milley and others communicating and acting on a number of occasions in perhaps unprecedented ways to protect the world against not only random conventional war, but even potential nuclear holocaust.

The book makes it clear that many of the best and brightest in our military and government were frightened to death that we might be on the brink of a nuclear war. In fact, at one point Milley convened one of the most terrifying national security (read, world security) meetings in American history in which he laid out his protocols for a nuclear strike. The constitutionality of his orders are in question, but the need for them was without question. After laying out the orders he individually confronted every person in the room and asked each of them, to their face, “Got it?”

Their reply was not simply expected; it was demanded: “Yes, sir.”

Woodward and Costa write, “Milley considered it an oath.”

At the time, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Milley agreed with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi that Trump was “crazy.”

In light of these revelations, a September 16 panel assembled on Deadline: White House with Nicolle Wallace which included retired General Barry McCaffrey discussed the current protocols for authorizing a nuclear strike. All agreed that Trump had been (and still is) completely out of control. They discussed the danger that he had posed while he was President and would pose were he to be reelected. Especially given the character of some of the current Republican wannabes, they also considered the possibility that in the future another psychopath could be elected President. They were unanimous in their conclusion that the nuclear launch protocols need to be reexamined.

General McCaffrey expressed his belief that, particularly in light of what we have seen from Trump, no President should have the absolute power, perhaps except in extreme cases, to order a nuclear strike.

“Nuclear weapons are a horrific tool, and they need to be more carefully controlled,” he stated.

This puppy would posit that a good first step in controlling the rogue use of nuclear weapons by a U.S. President might be to elect one who is not a criminally insane, pathologically narcissistic psychopath.

Or maybe not. Maybe we should just burn the world down. I don’t know. I’m just a puzzled puppy.