Recently, without naming names, President Biden referred to Greg Abbott, Tate Reeves, and other depraved and despicable Republicans as “Neanderthals.” On behalf of the Neanderthals, I object.

One can imagine a band of Neanderthals arguing or even fighting with another band over territory or resources. One can even imaging members of the same clan arguing or fighting over petty grievances or pecking orders within their own band.

What one would have trouble imagining is a band living in an area where food is available through hunting and gathering in sufficient quantities to feed all, but at the end of each day one member of the clan gorges himself on most of the food, sharing a few meaty bones with a handful of the most powerful men in the tribe while most of the others sit watching, wide-eyed with hunger, while the privileged eat. After the meal, instead of sharing what is left, the primate plutocrat hoards for himself what he has not eaten, putting aside a few bones to pay off his enforcers.

This italicized paragraph is a pitch perfect metaphor for the current political scheme that defines the agenda of the Republican party at all levels of our government, particularly the federal.

Exhibit One, enough to open and close this case beyond any reasonable doubt: The recent debate over the Covid relief package soon to be signed into law.

The following are the things the Democrats want for their fellow Americans but which the Republicans, in lock step, oppose:       

  • Assistance for people now unemployed through no fault of their own.
  • Aid to states and municipalities for essential services provided by police, firefighters, nurses, doctors, and so on, services which have been put at severe risk due to the pandemic.
  • Funds to help schools reopen safely.
  • Food for men, women, and children.
  • Places for people to live so that they will not become literally homeless, living in cars, in abandoned buildings, or on street corners.
  • After the Republicans previously strong-armed Congress into providing hundreds of billions of dollars of tax relief for the richest and least taxed among us, now, finally, the Democrats are legislating more reasonable tax credits for the low income families of America.
  • Help for parents who need but can’t afford child care services.
  • Help for people who can’t afford health care in the time of a pandemic.
  • Assistance for small businesses which are going bankrupt at record rates.
  • Funds to test, trace, and vaccinate our population before another 500,000 of our fellow Americans die.
  • Help for hospitals.
  • Cutting child poverty in half

For some reason, the Republicans aren’t interested in any of this.

Food for starving people? Nah.

Health care for sick people? Nah.

Giving doctors and nurses and hospitals the tools they need to defeat the pandemic? Nah.

Getting our children safely back to school? Nah.

Cutting child poverty in half? Nah.

This little puppy has seen some pretty bad things in the world out there, but somehow this particular poop pile seems almost impossible to believe, to accept. I am stunned by the greed, the selfishness, the heedlessness, and the cruelty. I have come to the only conclusion possible. These people just don’t give a shit.

The Republicans just want to take this and any other good things the Democrats try to do away from them so that President Biden and his party don’t succeed. It is the same thing that they were laser focused on during the Obama administration. In the meantime, the country they have pledged to preserve and defend and all of its people be damned.

For example, economists are now predicting, due to the Covid relief package, vaccine rollouts, etc., extremely strong economic growth for 2021. The Republicans do not want to see this. This alone explains much of their opposition to the bill. Once again McConnell and his co-conspirators are actively working to make America fail and to cause its people to suffer in order to prevent Democrats from getting any credit for anything.

It’s as simple as that. Believe what you see. If what’s stopping traffic in the road is an animal with a hard shell, a wrinkled neck, and an ugly head and it looks like a turtle, it’s a turtle. (And maybe its name is Mitch.)

Today, now, the feculent greed of the Republicans and their gluttonous donors is what controls every aspect of the federal government that cannot be clawed back for the people by the Democrats, most of whom are mindful of and on board with the oaths that they have taken.

There is no equivalency between the two parties anymore. One stands for decency, democracy, compassion, and the rule of law while the other actively promotes cruelty, authoritarianism, and greed.

We must live at the ballot box and in the ranks of the resistance for as long as it takes to create a nation that actively demonstrates a commitment to justice for all.

Or maybe we should just feed the greed. I don’t know. I’m just a puzzled puppy.

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