My little e-book about Donald Trump, What Donald Trump Supporters Need to Know: But Are Too Infatuated to Figure Out (by Gizmo, The Puzzled Puppy) is finished and published. It’s been delivered to about 14 vendors and will be out on all of them in a couple of weeks, but should be available for purchase on Amazon Kindle ( no later than next Wednesday, probably before. Unfortunately, iBookstore won’t have it for at least about a week. I will provide updates and links as vendors make it available for sale.

I strongly suggest that you buy, read, and recommend this e-book. It’s a review of many of the reasons why this election is the most consequential in the history of our nation. Sometimes it’s just nice to have everything in one place. I shouldn’t say everything – that would be impossible, and new outrages surface every day. But a pretty decent summary nonetheless.

As I indicated on August 11, I want to post a couple times a week now that this little project is finished. Spoiler Alert: I’m pissed off no end.

Will be growling soon. (Do you think I should be smiling? I don’t know. I’m just a puzzled puppy.)

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