I’d like to say how very sorry I am for the San Bernardino shooting victims and their families and friends. And for all of us. We may disagree, even profoundly, and our philosophies may severely conflict. At times our disagreements may even provoke harsh words and angry verbal exchanges. But when an opinion or a disagreement or a philosophy or a religion is used as an excuse for any kind of violence whatsoever, the perpetrator(s) of that violence deserve the full condemnation of all societies and prosecution to the full extent of the law. We must always have compassion, even for those who commit these disgustingly evil acts, but there is no room anywhere for excuses or justifications for violence. There is only room for swift, lawful, and decisive action by society.

May all of us, and the families and friends of the victims in particular, encounter compassion and receive the support needed to again find peace in our hearts.

At times like these, I’m truly a puzzled puppy.

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